A little bit about me..
I'm Katie! I'm the woman behind the camera. I'm a coffee chugger and a bagel lover! I love pretty lingerie and ripped jeans. I provide an experience that helps change the way you see yourself. 

Hey, I'm Katie

'It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood'

– Dita Von Teese.

Let me Show you!

"You are so used to your own features, you dont know how beautiful you look to a stranger"

You deserve an experience that helps you fall in love with yourself. Even if you only have a photoshoot like this once in your lifetime. Embrace your body as it is right now. 

Are you ready yet?

No one likes to wait for photos which is why I edit and show you all of your images the same day! I even create a fun slideshow so you can sit back and oooh and ahhhh at yourself! If you purchase digitals you even get to have the gallery the same day! 

Same day Reveal

This is the fun part! I pose you the entire time and I don't expect you to know what to do!! I even show you the back of my camera so you can see for yourself without any edits made to the photos so you see how good you look! 


This experience wouldn't be complete without having a professional makeover provided by one of the areas top stylist and makeup artist! 

Hair and Makeup 

I offer a full day experience!


Deep down something was telling me this experience was going to boost my self confidence and bring out the personality in myself that I love so much-this session did all that!

"I see happiness and confidence in myself"


holy shit, I am one hot mama! I think it has definitely boosted my confidence back up. I know my husband has noticed for sure. So for anyone on the fence about booking, just do it! I promise you will not regret it! 

"I have more confidence when naked, or in lingerie"


Katie is so reassuring and made me feel incredibly comfortable! I never thought I would be ok walking around in lingerie and taking photos, but here we are! 

Amazing experience that gave my confidence an insane boost! 

For the first time, seriously ever, I didn’t just feel “pretty for a big girl.” I felt sexy.



“I need to stop hating this post baby body and start appreciating it”



"I found myself often saying I would Love to do something like that. So I did it."



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